WE* Intranet Opening conversations between staff and contractors

A major challenge for the team at Wellington Electricity was the sheer number of documents used on a daily basis. At PlasticStudio, we built an intranet platform and a central repository for documents so that staff, contractors and management can easily track down the right info at the right time - whether it be in the office or out on the road with their mobile devices.

This intranet platform also forms an excellent channel for important communication, as well as more light-hearted message boards. It has helped people connect with each other and fuel staff engagement.

  • Galleries, noticeboard and alerts for easy sharing of ideas and knowledge
  • Contacts directory built on ReactJS to get the right phone number quickly and easily
  • Optimised for mobile use - over 50% of the WE* workforce is in the field
  • Built on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure for excellent uptime and accessibility


A PlasticStudio project