Attention to detail and passion for design help me create wonderful digital experiences

Pragmatic problem-solving

Fully understanding and exploring the challenge(s) is an important aspect, and ultimately defines the solution. I'm able to hold strategy workshops, explore user profiles and develop wireframes that shape the underlying 'blueprint' of the project.

  • Project management
  • Wireframing and information architecture

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Interactive design

With 15 years of design experience, I can turn a napkin sketch into something wonderful. I believe that my awareness of what 'feels' right is the foundation for creating beautiful and engaging work that communicates effectively.

  • An experienced design eye, tailored to digital display
  • Industry-standard tools
  • Print design through to user interface (UI) design and everything between

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Website and application development

I like to think of my extensive development skills as a toolkit. Having a great set of tools available is as important as knowing which tool to use and when. It wouldn't be practical to use a pencil sharpener to change your spark plugs!

  • Full-stack developer
  • Broad experience building with frameworks, including Sass, Webpack, React, Angular, etc
  • Advanced server-side knowledge of SilverStripe, Joomla and bespoke PHP
  • Sysadmin capabilities on Linux and AWS servers

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Social media and advertising

Getting the right eyeballs on the client’s project is easier said than done. Together with a combination of promotion channels and tracking tools, I can help clients achieve exactly that.

I have found that the continual tracking of goals is often overlooked, which is bonkers as it is the key to ensuring marketing budget is spent wisely and achieves the what it needs to.

  • Industry-standard Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Digital promotion channels such as AdWords, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Print advertising, document design, billboards, etc
  • Tracking tools to help measure goal performance

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