Using TeamViewer and XBMC

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  • Last edited: October 25, 2013

TeamViewer (http://teamviewer.com) is an amazing tool, much like LogMeIn which allows you to remotely access your desktop. Occasionally I need remote desktop access to my media center computer, which is running Windows and XBMC. The unfortunate thing about the TeamViewer session is that once it is terminated, it leaves a sponsorship message on the remote machine (and your local).

This can be an ultimate pain in the butt because this popup steals focus from the XBMC window. You can fix this by using a tool called AutoHotKey (http://autohotkey.com) and a script to hunt and kill these sponsorship popups. Just drop the following code into your .ahk script.


var1 = 0
#SingleInstance force
While True{
    ifWinExist , Sponsored session
        sleep, 500
        Send , {Enter}