HTML Element ID's can't start with a number

I was recently building a jQuery-based slider for our upcoming website re-launch and needed to identify a series of elements numerically. Naturally I decided a number that auto-incremented would be ideal, so I build a testing stage to do just that.

Prevent text-selection of buttons

How can you make a text link with your nice new styles behave like a button, instead of a selectable inline link? CSS, again, as the answer!

Quick and Easy CSS Rounded Corners

If you’re even too lazy to visit, then use the code below for your beautiful CSS3 rounded corners. Remember if you want to round some corners and not others, just follow standard CSS shorthand (ie. 3px 3px 0px 0px).

Extract your .zip files on Apache with PHP

You are managing a webserver and you only have FTP access, and you need to extract a large .zip file (for example WordPress, Joomla, plugins, etc) which would take forever to upload as an extracted folder. Can’t convince your domain manager to give you SSH access? You don’t need it with this nifty script I have discovered (and modified to make it nice and user-friendly).

Disable zoom on mobile devices

Getting snazzy with some resizable-layout websites? The last thing you want is for mobile devices to assume a zoom to show the full page, so drop in this meta tag into your header and zoom will be disabled! Tested on iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy SII.

Disable mouse interactivity with CSS

Quickly and easily remove mouse interactivity of a HTML element with this nifty piece of CSS code. This is the same as ActionScript 3.0′s “mouseEnabled = false”.

Hide ads in Google Apps for Business

I have shifted into Google Apps to have a tinker, streamline my work and to generally learn how it all works. At PlasticStudio, we also run Google Apps and we sell it out to our clients, so it makes sense to know it inside out!
You too can get Google Apps for free. The only downside is no support and ads when you run the free version, however I have figured a way around this. Check out the steps below:

Kill IE's Compatibility View

Internet Explorer’s Compatibility View is the bane of my existance when I am working on a front-end build. Instead of trying to fix bugs for an additional two versions of IE (yikes!), just drop one of these codes in the of your page to force IE to render your page as IE7 or IE8.

Customise Facebook icon and descriptions

Share a link on Facebook to a webpage that hasn’t been developed very thoroughly and you will notice that Facebook pulls in an outdated and (often) irrelevant thumbnail, title and blurb. If you add these three tags you can customise what Facebook shows when a link is shared. Just drop it in the of your pages and modify as you would like it to read.

Flush the Facebook Cache

Don’t you hate it when you post a link or video on Facebook and it decides to show your old pictures or thinks that your newly-launched website is all about “Under Construction, coming soon!”? Well I do, and as a web-developer it is important to understand and resolve the quirks and tricks of working with social media networks.