The Website Life Cycle:
What stage are you at?

Build a site that is easy to manage, painless to update
and looks beautiful on all modern devices

content-management-system.pngManage your own website

With leading-edge Content Management Systems (or CMS), you can quickly and easily manage your own website content. Open-source platforms like Joomla, Wordpress and Silverstripe provide the ultimate flexibility whilst being free.

Fresh, relevant content ensures your regular visitors keep coming back.

writing-code.pngFuture-proof code

By developing your website with HTML standards compliant code, future upgrades and plugins to your website will be quick and painless to implement. This results in a lightweight, cost-effective and future-proof website.

mobile-friendly.pngMobile-friendly layouts

Responsive design layouts ensure your site looks and behaves perfectly, no matter if you're visiting it on an iPad, iPhone, Android, laptop or desktop computer.

Don't serve up a cut-down version of your site, give them the full user experience!

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