The Website Life Cycle:
What stage are you at?

Attract new and existing visitors with effective use
of social media and advertising streams

social-media.pngSocial Media

There is an immense value in keeping people excited about your product, and one of the most effective platforms for this is Social Media.

Effective advertising campaigns harness the communicative power of Social Media simply because it allows you to create the message, and the community will help you deliver it. Imagine printing an excellent newspaper and having the whole town deliver it for you.

email-marketing.pngEmail Marketing

We all receive dozens of emails per day, some of which present valuable information and some that simply clutter your inbox.

Become the newsletter that people value and engage with. It's not easy, but when you get it right, email marketing can be an excellent tool to maintain (and develop) your relationships with new and existing customers.


With the advent of Google AdWords and Display Networks, we can spread your message across a huge platform of websites. You can monitor the effeciency of your campaigns, tailor exposure to fit your budget and target specific demographics to make an extremely cost-effective advertising campaign.

You can even dish up your ad exclusively to people who have already expressed an interest in your target keywords! These are the tools, let's use them.

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